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Plan, Design and Build Your Cabin

Are you dreaming of building the perfect cabin, but not sure where to start? From finding the perfect land to your cabin retreat, to the cabin construction process—we have you covered. Cabin Life offers expert advice on building your own cabin from the ground-up or finding a respectable log home company to do the heavy lifting for you.

Plus, we cover how to plan a cabin budget and save money with energy-saving tips so you are stress-free while enjoying your favorite place on earth.

And once you've built the home of your dreams, you'll need to get designing and decorating so you make the space your own. Let us give you the cabin inspiration you need to love your cabin well into retirement.

Living in the Fresh Air: Porches, Decks & Patios
Tips for designing outdoor living spaces, like porches, decks & porches.
Best View from the Windows in the Cabin
What to consider when deciding where to place windows in the cabin.
How to Achieve a Cottage Style
Steal Cottage Style Ideas From This Charming Cabin
Cabin styles vary greatly – from Adirondack to cottage to rustic to western and more. Cottage style is as popular as ever, and ...
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The Tiny House Movement: Cabin Edition
See what these cabin enthusiasts learned about tiny home building and living as they created their own small escape:
Off the Grid in a Cabin in the Rockies
Finding ways to save energy while living off the grid in a cabin and enjoying nature in Colorado.
The Garbin: a Garage and a Cabin All in One
A great way to add overflow sleeping space is a "garbin." A garbin is garage/cabin: a garage with living space above.
What is a Modular Cabin?
What is a Modular Cabin?
Learn what a modular cabin is and how to find a reputable modular cabin company.
Small Cabin Kitchen Design Inspiration
These small cabin kitchens prove you don't need a ton of square footage to create an efficient little kitchen in your cabin.
Cozy Small Log Cabin With Rustic Charm
A Cozy Cabin with a Rustic Feel
This outdoorsy Tennessee home – designed to look like it was built in the 1850s – might be a cozy cabin, but it lives large.
Cabin Design & Decor: Rustic Lighting
Rustic lighting designs can give your cabin an earthy, more casual feel, and chandeliers need not be fancy to make a lofty impr...
Fresh DIY Ideas for Reclaimed Pallet Wood
I would like to use old reclaimed pallet wood to build some outdoor furniture and other pieces for our cabin. What do I need to...
Tree Columns in the Cabin
Go beyond structural posts or beams to add true rustic character and even whimsy with tree columns.
Inexpensive Cabin Kitchen Upgrades
Follow these savvy tips to fall in love with your kitchen again
Cabin Kitchen Remodel: Northwoods Flavor
Get ideas for your cabin kitchen remodel by checking out this project done in a charming country style.
Cabin Kitchen Remodel: Cottage Style
Get ideas for your cabin kitchen remodel by checking out this project done in a charming country style.
An Open-Concept Timber Frame Design for a Family Cabin
Congregate in the kitchen with this open-concept timber-frame design.
Patio Inspiration for the Cabin
Get the look you want for your outdoor space at the cabin with some patio inspiration.
A Lakefront Cabin in Vermont
A summer cabin in Vermont is rebuilt near a lake so that it retains that old camp charm while offering modern conveniences.
Design Ideas for Cabin Decks and Porches
Cabin decks and porches invite family and friends to sit a spell.