Plan, Design and Build Your Cabin

Are you dreaming of building the perfect cabin, but not sure where to start? From finding the perfect land to your cabin retreat, to the cabin construction process—we have you covered. Cabin Life offers expert advice on building your own cabin from the ground-up or finding a respectable log home company to do the heavy lifting for you.

Plus, we cover how to plan a cabin budget and save money with energy-saving tips so you are stress-free while enjoying your favorite place on earth.

And once you've built the home of your dreams, you'll need to get designing and decorating so you make the space your own. Let us give you the cabin inspiration you need to love your cabin well into retirement.

Why Pinetop-Lakeside, Arizona is Great for Cabin Life
Why Pinetop-Lakeside, Arizona is Great for Cabin Life
Here are some reasons why cabin lovers are flocking to Lakeside, Arizona.
How to Incorporate Antlers Into Your Cabin Design!
How to Incorporate Antlers Into Your Cabin Design
For cabin owners with a love of nature-inspired style, no other light fixture sets the scene like an antler chandelier.
Building a Cabin Shed
Building a Small Cabin Shed
For your cozy cabin, bunkhouse or shed: ready-made, kit or scratch?
Container Gardening
Learn Container Gardening to Suit Your Style
Learn to design container gardens for almost any style home, garden or personality.
Designing the Perfect Cabin Closet
Small spaces call for smart storage solutions–especially at the cabin.
Cabin Design: Linkages
Thinking beyond a cabin as a single structure. Enter the cabin design concept of linkages.
Cost-Effective Cabin Ownership
Buying a cabin retreat on leased land.
Vintage Style at the Cabin
Throwback to vintage style for your cabin.
DIY Cabin Remodel: Big Fork Farmhouse
From rundown farmhouse to charming rustic cabin.
A Grounded, Off-Grid Cabin
Getting the most from an off-grid retreat.
modular cabin
Small Cabin Heaters: What Are Your Options?
Need some suggestions for heating your cabin when it gets cold? Here are some tips for choosing the right small cabin heaters f...
Adirondack Camp-Inspired Style
Bring great camp-inspired decor into your cabin.
Heating and Cooling Your Cabin
Heating and cooling news for your seasonal home.
Tips for a More Energy-Efficient Cabin
You don’t have to be building from the ground up to make your retreat more energy efficient. Steal a few tips from this energy ...
Blitz Build for a Good Cause
Cabin neighbors band together for a modern-day barn raising.
The Dirt on Cabin Mudrooms
7 ideas for the perfect do-it-all space: the cabin mudroom.
Your Ultimate Guide to the Different Types of Cabins
Cabins come in many shapes and sizes. Use this guide to find the look and construction type that’s right for you: