Cabin Tours

Explore a variety of different types of cabins from around the country. Tour classic log cabins, modern and unique retreats, and cozy cottages.

A Creekside Cottage for the Ages
The descendant of the original owner buys it back, then builds a beautiful namesake.
An Off-Grid Retreat in Canada
An off-grid sanctuary lures people and wildlife alike.
A Family Retreat Blends Cabin and Cottage Styles
A family getaway in northern Michigan gets the blending of cabin and cottage right.
Having It All in a Small Cabin
The creative renovation of this all-season retreat is an example of stretching and reconfiguring space for maximum efficiency.
Winter Haven
Nestled into New York’s Hudson Valley, this 1,600-square-foot home resembles centuries-old stone barns of the region.
On Holiday at the Cabin
Log cabin makes every day feel like a vacation.
My Cabin: In Praise of Cabinology
If one cabin is good, maybe two is better?
Polishing a Minnesota Gem
A cabin bought in the 1970s gets a big re-do.
Small Stone Cottage in New Hampshire
Located in Alstead, N.H., this 10x15-foot stone cottage is modeled on Henry David Thoreau's cabin near Walden Pond in Concord, ...
One-Room Log Cabin from the 1800s
One-Room Log Cabin from the 1800s
Take a look at this beautiful little cabin in Lawrence County, Indiana.
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Small Cabin Restoration
A forest service cabin is rennovated into an cozy escape in Whitefish, Montana.
Small Woodshed Becomes a Revival Project cabin
Small Woodshed Becomes a Revival Project
A picture perfect Oregon cabin that started out as a tool shed.
This Family Cabin is a Sunny Haven
A special retirement cabin in Wisconsin serves as a gathering place for family and friends to make memories.
A Rustic Creekside Cabin Gets a Dramatic Update
The moment that San Francisco natives Josh Feldman and Britton Watkins toured this cabin property for sale in a woodland area n...
From an 1800s Miner Cabin to a Guest Retreat
It's hard to imagine that this clean, bright cabin tricked out with timeless country Americana furnishings was ever anything bu...
A Stunning and Sturdy Mountain Cabin
A cabin perfectly situated for outdoor adventures and entertaining on Henry's Lake.
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A Pacific Coast Cottage
Think small! This cottage on the Puget Sound in Washington is a beautiful example of a smart cabin design.
Remote Cabin is a Green Gem
Over the river and through the woods lies a cozy New England hideaway - a remote cabin in the Vermont forest.