Cabin Tours

Explore a variety of different types of cabins from around the country. Tour classic log cabins, modern and unique retreats, and cozy cottages.

Off the Grid in Lewis County, N.Y.
Off the grid but with all the comforts of home.
A Texas Log Cabin With History
This Texas log cabin was built with love and rustic, reclaimed materials.
A Lake Cabin Amidst the Pines
This lake cabin was a dream worth waiting for.
How to Achieve a Cottage Style
How to Achieve Cottage Style
Cabin styles vary greatly – from Adirondack to cottage to rustic to western and more. Cottage style is as popular as ever, and ...
Making Cabin Dreams True
Cabin retreats are like people in that every one of them has a story. Here are four tales of very different cabin dreams turned...
Off the Grid in a Cabin in the Rockies
Finding ways to save energy while living off the grid in a cabin and enjoying nature in Colorado.
Small Cabin Escape: Once Upon a Time
Tucked away in a grove of white pine trees and surrounded by an immaculate garden, this charming cottage is a small cabin escap...
My Cabin: A Little Cabin in the Woods
Finding serenity in little cabin in the woods.
A Cozy Cabin with a Rustic Feel
This outdoorsy Tennessee home – designed to look like it was built in the 1850s – might be a cozy cabin, but it lives large.
Pioneering Log Cabin
A quaint little 18x18-foot one-room pioneering log cabin called the “Garden House” sits proudly in Spring Mill State Park, near...
Building Our Lake Cabin in the Woods
Finding a blessing in the wake of a tragedy in the form of a lake cabin in the woods.
A Historic Log Cabin in Wisconsin
A historic log cabin on Wisconsin’s Door County peninsula is steeped in Americana, with connections to President Franklin D. Ro...
Southwestern Style Cabin in the California Hills
Doing it himself, one man transforms a hunting cabin into a Southwestern style cabin and a personal getaway.
Small Cabin Escape: Richland, Oregon
This small cabin escape in Richland, Oregon was a revival project.
A Rustic Style Cabin in Oregon
One couple works hard to create the rustic style cabin of their dreams.
A Cabin in the North Carolina Mountains
This breezy, bright cabin in the Blue Ridge mountains captures majestic views and embraces North Carolina's outdoors.
A Transformed Family Lake Cabin in Wisconsin
A family transforms a run-down lake cabin in Wisconsin into a glorious retreat.
A Family Cabin on Puget Sound
Cabin visits may be routine, but they never get old. Read about this family's cabin on Puget Sound.
A Lakefront Summer Cabin in Vermont
A summer cabin in Vermont is rebuilt near a lake so that it retains that old camp charm while offering modern conveniences.
A Nature-Inspired Minnesota Cabin
The fruits of ownership at this Minnesota cabin are so special.