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Mongolian Flank Steak
Mongolian Flank Steak
Skip a trip through the Chinese buffet! Seared, spiced, and short on the grill, this is an updated take on a classic.
Vietnamese Limeade
Vietnamese Limeade
A regular on Vietnamese menus, this limeade is sure to leave you feeling refreshed. The small amount of salt in it helps balanc...
Chipotle-Maple Black Beans
Chipotle-Maple Black Beans
This recipe is a unique twist on a classic summer side dish. Make sure you bookmark this one for any and all barbecues!
Bourbon Beans
Bourbon Beans
These bourbon beans are a great side dish for any summer barbecue or even simply for a night in.
Hot Mustard Kraut
Hot Mustard Kraut
This hot mustard kraut is a perfect topping for all of your summer grilling needs. And did we mention it's delicious?
Brats With Hot Kraut
Brats With Hot Kraut
Who doesn’t love a good bratwurst? They were made to be grilled but it’s just not that simple—there are a few brat rules to fol...
Watermelon Butter Lettuce Salad
Watermelon Butter Lettuce Salad
For a cool side dish, try this watermelon butter lettuce salad. Like sorbet, it’s a refreshing palate cleanser.
water vs oil base stain_701_2018-06-28_14-51
The Difference Between Water-based and Oil-based Stain
Here’s a quick checklist when deciding which stain to use.
Mango Pico de Gallo
This southern California-inspired side dish is a unique addition to put on top of any summer entree.
Cilantro-Lime Mayonnaise
This is not your typical mayonnaise. The cilantro and lime recipe adds an extra zest to any dish and is super simple to make.
Avocado Mash
Avocado is classic summer ingredient, and this recipe is a fresh additional to any main course.
staining prep_701_2018-06-28_14-39
How to Prep a Cabin for Staining
The five things you need to know before you apply stain.
low maintenance home_701_2018-06-28_14-19
Designing For a Low Maintenance Home
Design tips that you want to keep in mind for a low maintenance home.
So-Cal Hot Dogs
So-Cal Hot Dogs
As unusual as it may sound, avocado and mango make a great dog. Folks in southern California won’t even blink an eye at this one!
clear stain_701_2018-06-28_14-08
Pros and Cons of Using a Clear Coat On My Exterior Logs
Learn the pros and cons of using only a clear coat to achieve a natural look over time.
crack prevention_701_2018-06-28_13-49
How to Prevent Cracks From Growing
4 key things to do to slow down the rate of evaporation and rate of cracking.
picture frame effect_701_2018-06-28_13-36
Avoiding UV Exposure and Natural Oxidization
Learn about the 4 options for getting rid of the picture frame effect after being affect by UV exposure and natural oxidization.
Furniture Materials: 5 Pros + Cons
Outdoor Furniture Materials: 5 Pros + Cons
When buying furniture for your home, maintenance and durability are important factors in making a decision. Here are some quick...
How to Take Care of Outdoor Fabric
How to Take Care of Outdoor Fabric
Fabric can add a flair of color to any outdoor space, but what happens when the fabric gets damaged? Here are some quick tips t...
logs vs 2x4_701_2018-06-28_12-59
The Difference Between Logs and 2x4s
Three of the (very technical) reasons why logs are special.