Perma-Chink Systems Inc.

Over the years, Perma-Chink Systems Inc. has developed a family of 30 products that are used to seal, chink, preserve, stain, finish and clean the interior and exterior logs of handcrafted and manufactured log homes.

Company Details

Address: 17635 Northeast 67th Court
City: Redmond
State: Washington
Zipcode: 98052

Perma-Chink Systems Inc.

The Log Home Care and Maintenance Authority.

In 1981, Perma-Chink Systems, Inc. introduced flexible chinking to the log home industry. This revolutionary product, Perma-Chink log home chinking, stretches and flexes to accommodate log movement while maintaining a tight seal for the life of the house.

After that, log homes became one of the most weather-tight, comfortable home choices available. Practically overnight, Perma-Chink forever changed the way log homebuilders would think about sealing their log homes. Over the years, the company has developed a family of 30 products that are used to seal, chink, preserve, stain, finish and clean the interior and exterior logs of handcrafted and manufactured log homes.

One of the company’s newest products, Energy Seal seals cracks between the logs of chinkless or milled log homes. Perma-Chink Systems, Inc. recognized that milled log homes would have some cracking and leakage because of the natural dynamics of the logs. The obvious solution is to use caulking, but caulk doesn’t adhere well, cannot be tooled, slumps away from the joint, and looks like the plastic you put around your bathtub. A more natural-looking alternative, Energy Seal, which is a refined Perma-Chink chinking formula, is easily applied from a tube, spread with a trowel and used to fill in cracks between logs. It is also very flexible, water-resistant and comes in a variety of colors to blend or contrast with the color of the logs. Energy Seal lasts the life of your home and is a beautiful compliment to a milled log home.

Perma-Chink Systems product line also includes Lifeline wood stains and sealants. Lifeline Ultra-7, low VOC one-coat application was introduced to log home market a few years ago. Lifeline Ultra-7 is a natural, long-lasting, semi-transparent exterior finish that shades and highlights the wood’s true beauty.

Log home owners have difficulties deciding which products they should select for their homes and have trouble finding out if one product will work with another. Perma-Chink Systems, guarantee that all of company’s products will work together when properly applied. The entire Perma-Chink Systems product line is non-toxic. “We are very concerned about the environment and the safety of the people that use our products,” says Rich Dunstan, president and the founder of Perma-Chink Systems. We have more experience in formulating highly specialized products for log homes than anyone in the industry. We take pride in ourselves in saying – “By the time you discover a challenge - we already have the solution”.

Current Resources:

Wood ReNew – Biodegradable Wood Cleaner and Restorer

The objectives of using wood cleaners are:
—Remove Dirt and Grime
—Remove Gray Oxidized UV Damage
—Remove Discolorations
—Remove Mold and Mildew
In order to accomplish these objectives cleaners come in a wide variety of formulations, some of which work better than others for performing a specific task.  Soaps and detergents do a good job in removing dirt and grime but do little else to the wood.  
A better choice of wood restorer is a percarbonate-based product such as Lifeline Wood ReNew.  It is effective and safe to use in just about any location.  Wood ReNew will not harm plants or animals and poses no threat to ground water.
Wood ReNew is a biodegradable percarbonate-based wood cleaner that cleans and brightens grayed and weathered wood. Use it to return wood to its original natural color before applying any of our quality wood finishes.
Wood ReNew contains a thickener that helps it adhere to wood. Simply mix Wood ReNew concentrate with water, stir and liberally apply it to the wood with a mop or brush.
Wood ReNew will immediately begin to fizz and foam as it removes dirt and grime. After about 10 minutes scrub the wood with a medium-bristle brush and rinse thoroughly with clean water. Dirt, stains from mold and mildew, water stains, and UV damage will be gone and the wood will have a new, fresh look.
One gallon of Wood Renew makes 20 gallons of solution, enough to clean approximately 3,000 sq.ft. of wood surface.