Nature + Wildlife

Most likely there are lots of critters that also reside and enjoy the benefits of your property—some welcome and some not. Learn about the animals in your region, how to get rid of unwanted animals at the cabins, and how to peacefully live in harmony with your furry neighbors.

The Top 9 U.S. National Park Hikes
From the rolling hills of Virginia all the way to the tallest mountains in Washington, here are some of the most remarkable U.S. National Park hikes.
QUIZ: Test Your Wildlife Knowledge
QUIZ: Test Your Wildlife Knowledge
How well can you identify the animals that live at your cabin? Find out with this wildlife quiz.
How to Identify a Barn Owl at the Cabin
How to Identify a Barn Owl at the Cabin
Learn about the most common owl in the world—the barn owl.
How to Save Roses from Deer
How to Save Roses from Deer
Attach deer fencing to posts to keep deer from eating rosebuds before they bloom.
The Alaskan Yurt Built for Dog Mushing
The Alaskan Yurt Built for Dog Mushing
An Alaskan couple wanted a low-budget retreat, and decided a yurt was the perfect fit.
The Wildlife National Museum and Aquairum: A Gift for All Of Us
The Wildlife National Museum and Aquairum: A Gift for All Of Us
A tribute to outdoor living, this the Wildlife National Museum is a gift to nature and animal lovers everywhere.
Lake & Land Associations Have Your Back
These local groups are the best, on-the-ground conservation organizations in the country, and they also tend to be the center o...
Tips & Tricks for Fall Fishing
Expert fall fishing tips for catching 8 freshwater favorites.
The Foolproof Four: Edible Wild Mushrooms
Edible wild mushrooms in cabin country.
How to Coexist with Bats
How to coexist with bats - these important & helpful creatures.
Trapping Wild Animals at the Cabin
How can you know when trapping wild animals is the right decision?
Mother Nature’s Bait Shop
Gathering live bait with kids can be as much fun as catching fish.
Keeping Deer at Bay
Although no plant is immune to the mouth of a really hungry deer, look to the mint or onion family if you want to plant perenni...
Wildlife Watching
Enjoying the world around us while keeping its well-being in mind.
Close Encounters of the Cabin Kind
How to coexist with wildlife on & around your property.
The Best Solution for Skunk Spray
If you or anyone close to you gets sprayed by a cornered skunk, here’s a stink remedy that works much better than the old tomat...
Evicting Insects and Pests from the Cabin
Follow some simple, seasonal, pest-focused home maintenance to can keep pests out of your cabin, cottage, camp or lakehome year...