Tales from the Cabin

Cabin Life readers share their own cabin tales and stories. No matter where you are in the country, there is something so unifying about cabin life. Learn more for yourself.

Do you have a "my cabin" story to share? Send your story (about 250-400 words about your place, how you came to own it, what you like to do there, and why it's special to you) and a few high-resolution photos to your editors:

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10 Quotes to Fuel Your Cabin Fever
Get inspired and get outside. These quotes remind us to stop every once in a while and explore the world around us.
9 Beautiful Cabins in the Snow
Whoever said that summer is the best season probably hasn't seen these cute cabins covered in snow.
The Well-Earned Cabin in Northern Georgia
The Well-Earned Cabin in Northern Georgia
A Florida family saves every penny they can to build their dream cabin in the Northern Georgia mountains.
The Beauty of Nostalgia at the Cabin
The Beauty of Nostalgia at the Cabin
Christy Heitger-Ewing thinks that if everyone could experience life at a cabin, the world would be a happier place.
The Alaskan Yurt Built for Dog Mushing
The Alaskan Yurt Built for Dog Mushing
An Alaskan couple wanted a low-budget retreat, and decided a yurt was the perfect fit.
Why You Won't Regret Building Your Own Cabin
Why You Won't Regret Building Your Own Cabin
A Springer, Oklahoma resident shares why building your own cabin over time is worth the wait.
When the Cabin Creates An Unspoken Bond
The cabin is a place to make memories.
Log Cabin Dreaming: Bonus Info
Construction details from the log cabin owner.
Family Cabin, Family Reunion
If you build a family cabin, they will come.
What Lies Beneath
Sometimes little folks need help facing their cabin fears.
Gold Medal Memories
One cabin goer discovers her personal best while swimming in the lake of her childhood.
Finding Comfort at the Cabin
The family retreat is where memories are made and kept.
Catching Falling Stars
I wish I may, I wish I might – create great cabin memories with my sons.
Cabin Courting
To fall in love with a cabin, sometimes you have to “test drive” it.
Jingle Bells, Grandma Rocks
There’s nothing like cabins and Christmas to awaken the inner child.
The Longest Mile to the Remote, Rustic Cabin
Some cabins are worth a grueling hike in deep snow.
Back in Time - Christmas at the Cabin
"How would you like to spend Christmas at the cabin?”
My First Ride on an ATV
My First Ride on an ATV
A first ride on an ATV, when properly trained and supervised, is a safe and fun ride.
i do
"I Do" Love You
This "superman couple" demonstrates the joy and laughter that 60 years of marriage can bring.