Outdoor Activities at the Cabin

Enjoy the great outdoors with activities and sports that get you away from technology and into the present moment. From ATVs to boating or hiking, we cover all your favorite ways to experience outdoor activities.

The Benefits of an ATV at the Cabin
The Benefits of an ATV at the Cabin
Why ATVs are a must-have for cabin property owners looking for an easier maintenance routine.
How to Keep Hands and Feet Warm During Ice Fishing
How to Keep Hands and Feet Warm During Ice Fishing
Follow these tips and tricks to stay warm during your next ice fishing adventure.
How to Get Out on the Water and Love It
How to Get Out on the Water and Love It
A guide to simplifying paddlesports access for everyone.
Buying a Snowmobile
An expanded list of 20 expert tips you need before you shop for a snowmobile!
Tips & Tricks for Fall Fishing
Expert fall fishing tips for catching 8 freshwater favorites.
The Foolproof Four: Edible Wild Mushrooms
Edible wild mushrooms in cabin country.
Waterski Wipeout
My favorite cabin activity - waterskiing - clearly wasn’t for everyone.
Boat Lifts, Canopies & Curtains
This is some cool stuff! Get inspired about boat lifts, canopies & curtains and start having fun on the water at your cabin.
What to Do When Your Boat Motor Sputters
Should you replace your tired outboard with a newer model or rebuild that boat motor?
The Best Power Boat for Your Cabin
From an expert: how to make sense of all the choices for the best power boat.
Geocaching Adventures at the Cabin
Grab your GPS and head into the wild. Geocaching is fun - let the treasure hunt begin!
Creative Play with Paddlecraft
Have more fun with your paddlecraft, including canoes, kayaks & SUPs.
Berenstain Boating: Stay Safe on the Water
Berenstain Boating: Stay Safe on the Water
What not to do when you’re out on the boat and a lesson staying safe on the water.
Fueling Up Your Cabin Boat
Tips for safe and convenient filling the cabin boat at the lake or in town.
A Day on the Lake
Essentials for safety and enjoyment for a day at the lake.
What You Need to Know About Life Jackets
Who will be using it and how determines which style of life jacket is the right choice.