Hosting Family + Friends at the Cabin

You probably bought your cabin mindful of family and friends coming to share in the cabin life activities. The responsibility of hosting family and friends doesn't have to be overwhelming; our tips and tricks on sleeping arrangements and how to share in the workload can make the experience enjoyable for all.

Hot Accessories for Your Porch
4 Hot Accessories for Your Porch
Whether you’re having friends over for a drink or serving dinner to a crowd, make sure you keep your loved ones warm and cozy all night long.
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The 8 Best Board Games to Play at the Cabin
While you’re at the cabin, there’s a good chance you want to spend most of your time outside. Nature rules at the cabin, but th...
How to Keep Your Animals Safe During the Summer Heat
How to Keep Your Dog Safe During the Summer Heat
One of the most important things pet owners can do during the summer is make sure their dogs stay safe during the hottest months.
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How to Teach a Dog to Swim
Teaching a dog to swim can seem daunting, but we've got tips from an expert to make it a little bit easier!
Our Favorite Fire-Making Tools
Our Favorite Fire-Making Tools
Not everyone can start a fire by rubbing two sticks together. Here are some of the best tools to help ignite the spark.
How To Start a Fire Without Matches
How To Start a Fire Without Matches
Even the most experienced outdoors enthusiasts may find themselves stranded from time to time with no means to start a fire. Th...
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The Best Life Jackets for Dogs
We've rounded up the best life jackets to keep your dog safe on the water this summer.
The 10 Best Dog Toys to Take to the Cabin
The 10 Best Dog Toys to Take to the Cabin
Your furry friend won’t want to leave the cabin without these classic dog toys.
3 Sparkling Wines for Early Spring
3 Sparkling Wines for Early Spring
Here are three sparkling wines perfect for early spring that cost under $30 a bottle.
13 Dogs Who Love Life at the Cabin
These adorable dogs are happiest when they get to be playing in the woods, swimming in the lake and getting cozy by the fire in...
Homemade Valentine's Day Truffles
Homemade Valentine's Day Truffles
Save some money this Valentine's Day by making your own chocolate truffles. Nothing says I love you more than a homemade gift!
A Wisconsin Scouting Cabin
A four-generation Scouting family loves their Northwoods getaway.
Family Cabin, Family Reunion
If you build a family cabin, they will come.
Cooking at the Cabin: Freshly Caught Fish
Shore lunch at the cabin or wherever you happen to be.
How to Make Use of Every Corner in Your Cabin
Make the most of every square inch in your cabin–even tiny niches and nooks. From banquettes to window seats to built-in beds, ...
Protecting Your Pets Against Pests
Protect your pets from pests at the cabin.
Gather Round the Fire Pit
Continue your outdoor fun into the evening hours by adding firelight to your open-air space.
5 Paths to an Affordable Outdoor Kitchen
You can create a deluxe food prep, grilling & entertaining space on your deck or patio without breaking the bank.
Christmas Tree Ornament
Tips for Holiday Hosting at the Cabin
Stress less and help your cabin guests feel welcome when hosting over the holidays with these tips.
Light Up Your Winter Outdoors
Try out one or all five of these ideas when entertaining at your cabin.