Fun and Games

Keep everyone at the cabin entertained—especially on rainy days when a small cabin can feel even more cramped. These fun and games activities are family-friendly and will soon become traditions at the cabin.

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The 8 Best Board Games to Play at the Cabin
While you’re at the cabin, there’s a good chance you want to spend most of your time outside. Nature rules at the cabin, but the weather doesn’t always feel that way. If the weather doesn't go as planned on your next cabin getaway, make sure you have these board games at the ready to stay unplugged.
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Summer Reading List: 10 Suspensful Books for the Cabin
Looking for a little thrill and suspense this summer? Read these books about adventure, the wilderness and finding yourself in ...
The 10 Best Dog Toys to Take to the Cabin
The 10 Best Dog Toys to Take to the Cabin
Your furry friend won’t want to leave the cabin without these classic dog toys.
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A Playlist for Relaxing at the Cabin
Here is a playlist of folk and acoustic songs perfect for helping you unwind at the cabin.
Become a Real Life Lumberjack and Try Your Hand at Axe Throwing
Become a Real Life Lumberjack and Try Your Hand at Axe Throwing
Grab your flannel, grow your beard and live out your lumberjack dreams at Bad Axe Throwing.
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10 Quotes to Fuel Your Cabin Fever
Get inspired and get outside. These quotes remind us to stop every once in a while and explore the world around us.
Washer Toss Game Set
How to Build a Washer Toss Game Set
This easy woodshop project will yield hours of family fun - here's how to make your own washer toss game set!
Geocaching Adventures at the Cabin
Grab your GPS and head into the wild. Geocaching is fun - let the treasure hunt begin!
Gone Cycling at the Cabin
A great way to get some exercise while relaxing at the cabin is by getting outside and riding a bicycle.
The Longest Mile to the Remote, Rustic Cabin
Some cabins are worth a grueling hike in deep snow.
Make Winter Fun
12 ideas for turning the stay-inside season into your best season at the cabin.
Horseshoes: The Basics of the Game
Horseshoes: The Basics of the Game
The basics of horseshoes so you and your family can play on your next trip to the cabin!
20 Ways to Make Summer at the Cabin Spectacular
20 Ways to Make Summer at the Cabin Spectacular
Summertime at the cabin is magical and filled with fun activities for the whole family. We gathered a list of the top 20 to mak...
25 Uses for a GPS
25 Uses for a GPS
You don’t have to go camping, hiking or even leave your comfy cabin to appreciate and lust after a handheld GPS unit. Here, the...
The Magic of Naming Your Cabin
The Magic of Naming Your Cabin
People come up with names for their cabins just for the fun of it. Add some creativity and stake claim to your property by bran...
Cabin DIY: How to Make a Scarecrow
Make a scarecrow that is customizable so it can change with the seasons and take on a different personality.
Weekend Project: DIY Log Bench
This weekend project shows you in easy illustrated steps how to make a rustic DIY log bench from leftover lumber after your log home is built.