Cozy, Tiny Home Design + Decor

While the idea of a cozy, tiny home may sound daunting or drastic – paring down one’s living quarters to the size of an average room in an average American house – the idea really isn’t as radical as it might seem, especially for those considering a vacation home. These cozy, tiny home design and decor ideas will help you optimize your space with less environmental impact.

Yurt Inspiration
Building a Yurt? Find Inspiration for Your Design
Here are some extra photos of a couple who built a cozy Alaskan yurt.
Check Out this Adorable California Farmhouse
A 388-Square-Foot, Farmhouse-Style Cabin in California
This cute California cabin pulls inspiration from classic farmhouse style.
Stay in a Cozy Minnesota Treehouse
Stay in a Cozy Minnesota Tree House
These quaint Minnesota cabins offer visitors a chance to live among the trees.
A Modern Northwest Cabin with a Twist
You Won't Believe this Prefabricated Home
This cabin shows what can be accomplished when prefabricated homes mix with style.
Big Sky, Little Cabin
Learn more about this stunning little retreat in Montana.
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The Tiny House Movement: Cabin Edition
Living the simple life! What the tiny house movement means for cabin enthusiasts.
Small Cabin Kitchens
Inspiration for modest cottage and small cabin kitchens.
Inexpensive Cabin Kitchen Upgrades
Follow these savvy tips to fall in love with your kitchen again
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How to Decorate Your Cabin For Fall
Decorate your cabin for fall with these helpful tips and tricks from interior designers.
8 Amazing Tiny Houses You Have to See
Take a look at these 8 amazing tiny houses that are perfectly compact.
Cabin Kitchen Remodel: Country Charmer
Get ideas for your cabin kitchen remodel by checking out this project done in a charming country style.