Cabin Recipes

Keep a busy family well-fed at the cabin with easy meals. These cabin recipes are quick, feeds a large crowd, and are traditional classics.

How to Tap a Maple Tree
How to Tap a Maple Tree
A sugar maple is the most popular tree to tap due to the high concentration of sugars.
Scrambled Egg Trout
Scrambled Egg Trout
This scrambled egg trout recipe brings me right back to that feeling of happiness and connection with each other and is by far ...
Forager’s Pot Pie
Forager’s Pot Pie
After we’ve had a full day of running or exploring in the out- door air on a fall or winter day, there’s nothing quite like ser...
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Chopped Salad with Red Chili Shrimp and Grilled Vegetables
Seems like chopped salads are everywhere now. This one, loaded with the flavors of summertime, is topped with the sweet heat of...
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Key Lime Bars with Berries and Cream
Creamy and oh so tangy, these easy-to-bake bars will make a fabulous finale for your next grilled feast.
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Tomato-Potato Salad
This tomato and potato salad is a perfect, easy side for any chicken dinner.
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Robin Hood Chicken
I don’t know how this recipe got its name. But I will say that slow-roasting it outdoors and eating the tender meat with your h...
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Grilled Corn on the Cob
Grilled corn has a very distinct “campfire” flavor. Doused with spicy lime butter, this will be one of the season’s favorites.
Watermelon Butter Lettuce Salad
Watermelon Butter Lettuce Salad
For a cool side dish, try this watermelon butter lettuce salad. Like sorbet, it’s a refreshing palate cleanser.
Mango Pico de Gallo
This southern California-inspired side dish is a unique addition to put on top of any summer entree.
Cilantro-Lime Mayonnaise
This is not your typical mayonnaise. The cilantro and lime recipe adds an extra zest to any dish and is super simple to make.
Avocado Mash
Avocado is classic summer ingredient, and this recipe is a fresh additional to any main course.
So-Cal Hot Dogs
So-Cal Hot Dogs
As unusual as it may sound, avocado and mango make a great dog. Folks in southern California won’t even blink an eye at this one!
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Triple Berry Cobbler
This triple berry cobbler recipe is the perfect summer dessert.
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Grilled Brie Croutons
The perfect side to any dish, but these grilled brie croutons pair perfectly with salad and chicken.
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Poppy Seed Buns
Finish off your classic Chicago hot dog with a homemade poppy seed bun.
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Neon Relish Recipe
Create the classic look of the Chicago hot dog with this neon relish.
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Bahn Mi Burger Recipe
Don’t turn the page on this Vietnamese classic! It’s one unique burger that’s packed with French influence and Asian flavors.
Peach & Raspberry Cobbler
Peach & Raspberry Cobbler
There’s nothing real complicated about cobbler—it’s just juicy fruit filling under buttery crisp topping. But sometimes it’s th...