Stack of Logs or Artist's Retreat?

At first glance, you might think that this is just an ordinary stack of logs, just waiting to be cut up for a good supply of cabin firewood. But you would be wrong.

With its windows thrown open, it becomes clear that this is actually a small living space, a shed if you will, nestled into the quiet solitude of a forest in the Netherlands. More accurately, it is the study of Dutch musician and comedian Hans Liberg. We think it would even make a perfect little getaway.

Liberg commissioned architect and furniture designer Piet Hein Eek to design the study space. The result is a one-room retreat on wheels that, when all closed up, looks like a neatly squared log pile.

Inside, the study is anything but rustic, with smooth, blue surfaces and modern, clean furnishings. The design is the perfect artistic inspiration for Liberg, who is a bit of a fun and eccentric personality himself.

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STEALTHY – With shut windows, this study looks just like a stack of logs.
Thomas Mayer