Rustic Style: It's Only Natural

Add life to your cabin with organic touches.

Add life to your cabin with organic touches.

By Janice Brewster If a love of the outdoors inspires you to build a cabin, why not let Mother Nature be your decorator, too? Bring natural elements in all their imperfect glory into your cabin, and you’ll add warmth and authenticity to your surroundings. The gentle curves of organic materials can soften the hard edges of manufactured finishes and make a cabin truly unique. As you design or decorate your cabin, consider adding logs, branches, twigs, stone – even antlers – to the mix, and watch your home’s personality blossom. CL Dec 15 DI Halvorsen_0279 Appealing peels. In a rustic home in Montana’s Yellowstone Club, great slabs of rock serve as stairs that wrap around a rugged fireplace. Overhead, skip-peeled log beams highlight the contrasting colors of the logs’ layers. Branchy stair railings add to the woodsy charm, which is reinforced by distressed barnwood paneling applied vertically to the exterior wall. Architect/builder: Faure-Halvorsen Architects, Heritage Builders, CL Dec 15 DI Destree OVERALL Glossy stone flooring conveys a natural look in the lower-level recreation room of this home, where naturally flared log posts provide a forest feel. The posts are peeled to reveal the wood’s rich color. Stone accents the walls and bar, and the natural log shape is echoed in the base of the pool table. Designer/architect: Anna Laird/Destree Design Architects, Into the woods. (left) Flared Western red cedar trees with their bark intact frame a fixed pane of glass to invite the outdoors right into this Keystone, Colo., home. A low stone wall keeps the view unobstructed while adding another measure of texture to this scene  overlooking the Snake River. Architect: Design Works Development, designworks Porch rocker. (middle) A home on New Hampshire’s Lake Winnipesaukee was designed to take full advantage of its site and be energy-efficient to save natural resources. A large boulder brought in from nearby serves as a post base – defining right at the front door that this is an earth-friendly home. A wood pergola on full-log posts contrasts with the crisp colors of the home and garage.  Architect: Whitten Architects, Forest finds. (right) Natural touches abound on the stair landing of this Adirondack-style home and blend smooth textures with rough. Birch bark lines the walls above wood wainscoting. Branches act as stair railings and mica with the imprint of ferns accents the pendant light fixtures. A dresser decorated with intricate twig work is seen through the bedroom door. Branching out. (left) Stone floors ground the entry to this rustic but elegant upstate New York home, while the stairway echoes the woods outdoors. Instead of traditional balusters, branches weave together to form eye-catching railings in authentic Adirondack style. Logs with their bark intact outline the space as stout posts and beams. Design/builder: Elizabeth Guest Interiors LLC, Dabble in pebbles. (middle) Pebble tile under the claw-foot tub and on the floor of the shower brings natural texture to this sleek master bath in Calgary, British Columbia. Wide wood trim around the corner windows frames a forest view and adds another natural tone to the neutral space. The floor tile is designed to mimic wood grain. Designer: Chinnick & Co.,

Put together. (right) A mix of natural materials creates a beautiful vanity area in this bath. Organic stone vessel sinks sit atop a rugged wood table. Pebble tiles complement the stone table lamps. Above the backsplash, birch bark frames the mirrors and an antler light fixture casts a warm glow. Designer: Marie Meko, Allied ASID, Gabberts Design Studio,

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Matters of the hearth. Flanking a fieldstone fireplace, papery white birch branches contrast with the honey tones of the wood walls and give this seating area the feel of a peaceful forest glade. Natural materials extend to the furniture, with a pair of chairs and a footstool crafted from bent willow branches. Designer: Indeed Décor,