Introducing the 2014 Sea-Doo Spark

Sea-Doo's latest model is fuel efficient, easy to use and the perfect accessory for your summertime fun at the cabin.

Many of us who have browsed new watercraft at boat shows over the past several years have been jolted by sticker shock. But there are signs that the boating industry has finally understood our pain, and is doing something about it. For instance, Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP) just released the “Spark,” a new Sea-Doo watercraft that’s designed to appeal to young families on a budget.
I attended the official unveiling of the Spark in Orlando, Fla., in mid-September. First off, I was impressed by the low price (MSRP for the 2-up model starts at $4,999). Basically, it amounts to a 2-for-1 when compared to other entry-level recreational PWCs on the market. “The Sea-Doo Spark makes the dream of family fun on the water accessible now,” says Julie Tourville, marketing director for BRP Sea-Doo.

Aside from the low cost, Sea-Doo’s designers and engineers were tasked with giving today’s savvy consumers a PWC that’s clean, fun and easy-to-use.
Clean: The Polytec chassis is 100% recyclable, and the 4-stroke Rotax 900 ACE engine is economical, clean-burning and surprisingly quiet. During testing, four of us at a time rode Sparks around on a small lake, and the noise was not annoying at all.

Because the Spark is remarkably lightweight (I watched four average-size people pick it up and carry it), the engine delivers a big punch to this nimble yet stable craft. This Sea-Doo also offers ergonomic seating that makes it more comfortable to ride for people with smaller body frames. And it comes in five colors, not the typical two.

The Spark is easier to transport and store than heavier machines. Plus, the mechanicals are extremely easy to access and service; take an electric screwdriver to the removable top chassis and you have full access to the engine. Lastly, the engine is designed to prevent water or oil intrusion, even if you manage to flip the craft.


2014 Sea-Doo Spark 2-up

  • The 2-up option provides a capacity for two riders with a maximum weight capacity of 350 lbs.
  • Dry weight: 405 lbs.
  • MSRP for standard base model: $4,999

2014 Sea-Doo Spark 3-up

  • The 3-up option is ideal for 2 adults and a child or teenager with a maximum weight capacity of 204 kgs (450 lbs). It has an elongated seat and platform extension at the back. This added length provides more buoyancy and stability,plus towing capabilities as it provides seating for a spotter or a second passenger.
  • Dry weight: 421 lbs.
  • MSRP for standard base model: $6,299

Engine options

Rotax 900 ACE

  • This engine is only available on the Sea-Doo Spark 2-up model.
  • Fuel consumption: 1.94 gallons per hour (gph).
  • Power: This engine generates entry-level power and a top speed of 40 mph.

Rotax 900 HO ACE

  • This engine is available on both 2-up and 3-up models.
  • Fuel consumptions: Up to 2.4 gph
  • Power: Has a top speed close to 50 mph.

Other options & accessories include:

  • On-Water Brake: The Spark watercraft is available with the exclusive Intelligent Brake and Reverse (iBR) system which, according to BRP, gives riders the ability to stop up to 100 ft. sooner than other watercraft. The iBR system provides added maneuverability for easier docking.
  • Sea-Doo Convenience Package: Includes Front Storage Bin and a Sea-Doo Step for easy reboarding.
  • 20 Attitude Graphic Kits: For personalizing the Spark.
  • Chill Shade: This innovative shade provides versatile protection from the sun whether parked at a favourite island or underway.
  • Manual Reverse Kit: Left side-mounted lever that makes it easy to engage in reverse.
  • Side Protectors: A 3-piece rubber formed protector is specifically designed for the Sea-Doo Spark watercraft.
  • Snap-in Fenders: Offer extra protection when docking and can be quickly attached to front and rear pre-molded holes.
  • Color choices: Vanilla, Orange Crush, Bubble Gum, Pineapple or Licorice.