Gardening Gear

Roll up your sleeves and start digging in the dirt with this gardening gear for your cabin.

Roll up your sleeves and start digging in the dirt with this gardening gear for your cabin.

By Emily Hare CBN-FD0414_Atlas1

1 Simple Convenience

Eliminate the need for bending with this 41-inch-long bulb planter. The planting head has a 4-inch scale to help you achieve the ideal planting depth. Now you can plant bulbs faster than the squirrels dig them up! Joseph Bentley Stainless Steel Long-Handled Bulb Planter, $50,

2 Multitasker

Now you can water the cabin gardens while you’re out fishing. This dual water timer allows you to water two zones from one outdoor faucet. Set each timer for the desired amount of time (from one minute to two hours). Dual Manual Water Timer, $30,

3 Welcome Remedy

This time-tested salve soothes and softens chapped and chafed skin. It may even help heal those pesky cuts and scrapes you incurred while removing that 4-foot weed that was overtaking your garden. Bag Balm, $8 for an 8-ounce can,

4 DIY Greenhouse

Jump-start your spring garden or grow plants year-round with this insulated model. Modular assembly of the red cedar frame is easy; a coat of your favorite stain is the finishing touch. Shown with Dutch door and pony wall options. Northern Heritage Green-house, starting at $4,950,

5 Cute Corners

To construct a small raised planting bed for herbs or flowers, you need only a set of these recycled steel corner braces and four pieces of 2-inch standard lumber in your desired length. Art of the Garden M Brace Mini, $60 for a set of four,

6 Water Saver

If your cabin has clapboard siding, this rain barrel may blend right in. Its narrow shape allows it to fit along any exterior wall, and its large capacity holds 92 gallons of collected rainwater. Available through Gardener’s Supply Company. Woody Wall Tank Rain Barrel, $649,

7 Heavy-Duty Pants

Made from a cotton canvas material that is woven like a fire hose for extra durability, these pants repel water and stains and feature reinforced pockets for keeping your garden tools handy. DuluthFlex Fire Hose Work Pants, $60–$70,

8 Berry Sweet

There’s nothing better than picking fresh blueberries, raspberries and blackberries while hiking down your favorite cabin path. Strap on this bag before a hike so you won’t be caught without a collection container when ripe beauties beckon. W&W Long Cordura Picking Bag, $45,