Editor's Picks: Home-Improvement Tools

4 home-improvement tools to consider adding to your tool box for maintenance projects

[gallery columns="4" ids="51027,51028,51025,51026"] Some home-improvement projects make you wish for a second set of hands in order to get a handle on everything. Although it can’t give you another hand, Leatherman’s One-Handed Tool (OHT) can at least free up one you already have. Spring-loaded pliers can appear instantly with one simple hand motion, alongside 15 other common home-improvement tools clearly marked for easy one-handed access. And its 4.5-inch stainless steel body can be neatly tucked away in your pocket as you move from one project to the next. $82. (800-847-8665; It’s hard to get to work when you’re all tangled up in cords — or worse, when you can’t get the cords to reach your work area. Enter the Milwaukee M12 Cordless Caulk and Adhesive Gun. A lighter alternative to comparable products at 3.7 pounds, this lithium-ion battery-powered home-improvement tool is designed for use with common construction sealants and adhesives, with a constant flow technology for consistent applications. An anti-drip features also ensures the tool knows when to stop. $149 for 10 oz. kit. (800-729-3878; Toiling around the cabin can leave your hands pretty grimy. Rather than spreading that dirt farther (and sullying additional paper towels in the process), consider installing the CLEANCut Touchless Paper Towel Dispenser at your workbench. Available in white, black or stainless steel finishes, the appliance uses an internal self-sharpening blade to cut custom lengths of everyday paper towel brands via intuitive LED technology. Just place your hand on one side to distribute the paper towel, then move it to the other to cut. $140-$160. (866-599-7066; Why lug an entire toolbox around the cabin when you can use one home-improvement tool with multiple applications? The Dremel 4200 with EZ Change makes it quicker and more efficient to change accessories — from a sander to a cutter to a drill bit — for different tasks. Its ergonomic design makes it equally comfortable to handle as well. Variable speed controls also enable you to adjust rotations as needed for the job at hand. $130. (800-437-3635;