Cabin DIY: How to Make a Scarecrow

Make a scarecrow that is customizable so it can change with the seasons and take on a different personality.

Originally published by Garden Gate
An old bucket with a face painted on it makes the head for a scarecrow in Lois Watts’ Utah garden. You can see the basic scarecrow construction below. To fit the bucket onto the post, she cuts a square hole in the bottom. She then covers the hole with a plastic pot turned upside down. This allows the bucket to fit onto the post without disturbing the soil inside. It also keeps soil from running down the scarecrow’s neck.
Then Lois fills the head full of odds and ends from her garden. She plants up several buckets with flowers, vines, herbs or grasses. That way she can change the head to go with seasonal costume changes for her scarecrow.
A long bolt through the post supports the bucket. Lois says it’s like the bolt in the neck of Frankenstein’s monster — it keeps the head from falling off.

How to Make Your Own Scarecrow

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