A Perfect 4!

Barb and I have a very unique way to rate the success of any single summer day at the cabin. The rating system has a range between one and four.

The best way to describe our rating system is to run through a perfect day on Bluewater Lake.

Generally our ideal day at the cabin involves having friends or family visit. With the additional people, early morning usually involves a few of us waking up early, getting the coffee going and heading to the dock to greet the rising sun.

As the morning sun and coffee warm our spirits, the calm glassy waters call to the diehard water-skiers. The hardcore few slip on their swimsuits in the boathouse for the first time that day, launch the boat and hit the water. After several two-mile runs straight up and down the lake, we return the boat to the lift and head up to the cabin for breakfast with family and friends.

Part two of our day finds all family members donning their swimsuits and heading down to the lake. The hardy water-skiers from the early morning on the lake seek out their second suits, while the late-risers pull on their first suits of the day. (At this time, I must interrupt the story to make an important, albeit personal, point: Barb and I are dry swimsuit people. No wriggling into cold, wet suits for us.)

The after-breakfast lake time brings out the swimmers, kayakers, wakeboarders, and the wild- and mild-tubing daredevils. Eventually, the lunch bell rings and the clan heads up the stairs.
The clothesline has now collected a variety of wet swimsuits, with more to come.

Part three of our day involves – you may have guessed it by now – another dry swimsuit! This is where the diehard water enthusiasts are separated from those who need to take a nap or read a book. Depending on boat preference, we may take the ski boat out for another spin or dig out the Jet Ski, canoe or kayak. The younger members of the family are instructed on the finer points of learning how to water-ski or kneeboard, or they join in the fun on the floating raft, anchored 30 feet out from the dock. Time passes quickly and the afternoon fun in the sun takes its toll. There is a slow trickle of soggy footsteps back up to the cabin for dinner, games and social time.

Evening comes to the cabin, bringing us to the day’s fourth phase. Remember the first group, the die-hard water-skiers? Well, now that the wind and lake activity are dying down, they start getting calm-water fever again. We quickly find another dry swimsuit and head to the dock. The boat is launched, the barefoot rope deployed, with the wakeboard and ski on board. The calm water is best at sunset, and the water is inviting. After several runs, we wish that someone had remembered to turn on the sauna!

It is now 9:30 at night, and I am happy to report we have scored a perfect day at the cabin!

It was a 4-swimsuit day.

Mike and Barb’s cabin is well-stocked with swimsuits.

Mike Wilkus