October 2012

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From the Editor
Mark Johnson
By Mark R. Johnson
The cabin life is filled with passion
pg. 6

A slew of specialized adaptations make these well-camouflaged reptiles some of Earth’s most ancient creatures.

pg. 24
Hard-Working ATVs
Make your outdoor work into play! (Or at least a little easier.)
pg. 28
Do you have a plan to protect your legacy so your children or grandchildren can successfully inherit and share your cabin?
pg. 34
Six questions from industry experts that you need to ask before deciding how to upgrade a cabin that has major issues.
pg. 40
In addition to "The Ailing Cabin," check out these articles to make sure your cabin build or renovation project runs smoothly.
It took vision to breathe new life into this reclaimed ranch that’s all about the guests. COVER STORY
pg. 44
And Your Favorite Cabin Design Is ...

We tallied nearly 5,000 votes from cabin lovers rooting for their favorite design in our first ever student design competition.

View extended descriptions, floor plans, renderings and models from all 10 student designs.

pg. 52
In Every Issue
From the Deck
The spectacular migration of Common Nighthawks, skip tidying up your garden before winter, fishing tips from Larry, classic tools reinvented, road trip bingo, insurance during a renovation, fun cabin lawn games, kitsch, 10 great ways to use reclaimed timber, cabin energy audits to improve efficiency, and more!
pg. 8
Webcams and trail cameras offer affordable cabin security.
pg. 18
The View from Here
Paul Sullivan: Wild apple island.
pg. 19
My Cabin
A tale of two log cabins.
pg. 20
Autumn harvest photos from readers.
pg. 22
Floor plan for a cottage you can nestle into.
pg. 32
Quick & Easy Gourmet

Yummy apple comfort food: apple-cheddar mac & cheese and grilled apples; plus three cozy autumn drinks: cranberry cordial, kir normand and orange hot chocolate.

pg. 56
Bonus recipe for an Apple Pie Cocktail, a traditional drink from Editorial Assistant Emily Hare and her husband's family.
Grill Master

Grill Master favorites: lobster, basic flatbread, North Carolina barbequed pork, plus great grilling gear!

pg. 58
For more great "Grilling Gear," check out our editors' picks: a smoker with rave reviews, thermometers that read temps in 3 seconds, tools for making the perfect grilled peppers, and barbeque sauce with pure ingredients and purely awesome flavor.
Lights Out
Blazing a trail.
pg. 66
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