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My Cabin: My Daughter, My Teacher

How I learned to love our camp year-round

Story and photos by Kathy Slovic, Cabin Life reader
Cabin location: Corinth, N.Y.
Published: October 7, 2011
WINTER WONDERLAND – Of course it’s beautiful in summer, but it only takes one December weekend at the cabin to make you realize it’s paradise any time of year.
I always preferred our camp in summer, with warm pine-scented air blowing across the lake and the sun beating down. A cold beverage and a bathing suit was all it took for a perfect day. This changed the weekend I looked at our cabin through my daughter Jaclyn’s eyes.
    Jaclyn, a college student in upstate New York, arrived home for winter break looking exhausted and stressed from a tough semester and finals. She was ready for her bed and spending time with family or friends. Her only wish was to go to camp. The holidays were filled with shopping, visiting others and eating, with little time to squeeze in a trip to camp. But she was determined to see the cabin before returning to school.
    On her last weekend home, we loaded up the car and made the trip to the lake – over snow-covered roads and through biting cold winds. All I could think about was how cold it was going to be and all the chores I had back home.

NOT QUITE SWIMMING WEATHER – It’s hard to work on your tan through a half-dozen layers, but it doesn’t mean the view isn’t amazing.
As the car approached the Adirondack town of Corinth, Jaclyn’s excitement bubbled over. Here was our 21-year-old, more excited about seeing camp than the brand new ski equipment that was under the tree on Christmas morning. She had even refused to stop to grab a bite to eat on the ride – her mind had one mission and one mission alone. She was going to enjoy each and every minute at camp before returning to college.
    The tires of the car crunched snow as we pulled into the driveway, and she was already jumping out of the car and racing for the camp. She and our golden retriever, Cody, were bounding through the snow piles with excitement and exuberance. She burst in the door and exclaimed loudly, “I love camp!”
    It was then that I realized camp knows no limitations. The snow-covered pines, ice skaters on the lake and the smell of smoke from fireplaces were all beautiful.
    Jaclyn was right – camp is amazing during any season. At that moment, my daughter changed me from a fair-weather camper to one with a love affair year-round. With each visit to camp, I discover new and exciting things to love about this serene, beautiful place. Every day at the cabin is something to celebrate.
    I learned more on that weekend from my daughter than any other moment in my lifetime. Jaclyn, thank you for being the greatest teacher I ever had.
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