May/June 2001

Cabin Life May June 2001
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From the Publisher
Cabin, Cottage, Lakehome, Lodge. No matter what you call your get-away place, the bond is universal.
pg. 9
From the Deck
Welcome to Our Cabin. Ignore the clock and follow your whims at Cabin Life, Cabin Living.
pg. 11
Questions & Answers
Flood insurance, purple loosestrife, old lead sinkers.
pg. 13
Cool Stuff
An Eclectic Collection. From the Aqua Pod to a star-finding telescope, this cool stuff makes summers at the cabin even more fun.
pg. 18
Wild Things
Where Butterflies Hang Out. You'd be surprised where butterflies flock for a good time!
pg. 20
Putzing Around
Dusting Off Your Outboard Motor. You can't just put in the water and expect it to work. There's a method to this!
pg. 22
Grill Master
Slather, Smear, Sizzle and Sear — Smokin' With the Grill Master. The GM does Dancing Chickens. Take two whole chickens, open two cans of beer and...
pg. 60
A Moveable Feast
Sippin' on the Dock of the Bay. Some mellow summertime libations and scrumptious snacks to go with them.
pg. 66
Sports & Recreation
A Gut Reaction. Sure, it's easy to drop a hook in the water. Here's how to clean that fish once you get it home.
pg. 74
Fun & Games
X Marks the Spot. Scavenger hunt under way! Save the white butt rot for us!
pg. 76
Regional Spotlight
Minocqua, Wis. Land of more than 3,000 lakes, where muskie is king and the water is clear.
pg. 78
Lights Out
All's Quiet. A meditation on that moment you first arrive at the cabin.
pg. 86
The Great Escape
Ask anyone: The world looks different through your cabin's windows. It's an opportunity to color outside the lines of life, in this place that's away from the humdrum of everyday living.
pg. 26
Canoe or Kayak?
Kayaks now outnumber canoes on almost every waterway. Why are they suddenly so popular? Which one is best for you? Wilderness guide Cliff Jacobson helps provide the answers and explodes some myths in the process.
pg. 33
I Love My Kayak
What could change a canoe-loving traditionalist into a roto-molded polyethylene traitor? The universe spoke to Laura Saari while she was searching for the perfect canoe. Here's what it said.
pg. 39
Hot Tub Heaven
Summer nights at the cabin — what could be better? The allure of a long soak under the stars sent Susan Rudi Rodsjo on a fact-finding mission of what it would take to add a hot tub to her cabin life.
pg. 42
BYO Boat Ramp
You just dropped $2,000 on a brand-new canoe. Think you're going to drag that beauty up your rocky beach? Here are two hull-saving solutions that are cheap, low-impact and, best of all, simple to build.
pg. 47
Pestilence and Plagues
Part of cabin life is getting back to nature. What happens when nature gets back at you? Jerry Samuelson tries to find the perfect balance between comfort and cohabitation...
pg. 50
Good Riddance
...Then again, cohabitation with critters doesn't always work. What to do when your guests — um, pests — have overstayed their welcome.
pg. 52
All Decked Out
How to plan the perfect deck for your cabin. Genius handyman Bob Hewitt gives advice.
pg. 56
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