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A Small Cabin Built With Unique Logs

This simple and fanciful retreat, though fit for a hobbit, is nothing short of 'tree-mendous'
By Christy Heitger-Ewing
Published: May 1, 2012
hobbit log cabin
LAKESIDE LIVING – The Enderles’ cabin in north central Minnesota sits beside 2,355-acre Lake Minnewawa.
Photo by Greg Page Studios
In 2004, Matt and Mary Enderle built themselves a hobbit house – or at least that’s how their friends and family affectionately refer to the 900-square-foot structure.

“People call it a hobbit house because of the curved entry doorframe,” says Mary. Her husband, Matt, is an artist who finds wooden treasures (i.e., cool, unique trees) and sets them aside for use in a later project. And Matt has had plenty of opportunity to collect the trees. He has worked in the custom-log industry for 35 years, and he and Mary now own Extreme Interiors International Log Home Builders.

When Matt built this cabin, he went to his pole barn and retrieved the curvy log he’d been saving for years. He decided the crooked log, from northern Minnesota, would make the perfect whimsical entrance to their cabin.
The rest of the cabin is made out of hand-hewn pine and Douglas fir logs. The large, flared corner posts are fashioned from white cedar trees.
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