Outdoor Shower: Challenge Accepted!

Just a husband alone in the woods with his DIY project
By Mike Wilkus
Published: July 26, 2013
outdoor shower DIY project
A TOUCH OF LUXURY – An outdoor shower doesn't have to be so rustic. This one has hot-and-cold running water and a rain-style showerhead.
Photo by Mike Wilkus
EDITOR'S NOTE: This article was printed in the October 2013 issue of Cabin Life. A web-exclusive materials list and plans for this project are also available to subscribers.

Northern Minnesota's average summer temperature is around 60°F. So it was only natural that my wife of 34 years, Barb, would ask: “Why would anyone want an outdoor shower?” So the challenge begins …

Two years ago during a family reunion at our cabin on Bluewater Lake, a discussion developed around the pros and cons of an outdoor shower. The men could think of many positive aspects and benefits of an outdoor shower. Most of the women – not so much. And Barb – not at all.
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