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Green Logs are Good

By Lisa Readie Mayer
Published: November 1, 2007
Not only are artificial fireplace logs a convenient alternative to wood, providing ambience when you don’t have the time or energy to stoke up a real wood fire, some are now more environmentally friendly. And with just a touch of a match to the packaging of these individually wrapped logs, you’re set for any occasion — as they are available in burn lengths from two to nearly four hours.

Made from recycled waste sawdust, manufactured logs produce significantly less greenhouse gasses, carbon onoxide and smoke than burning cordwood. But, the petroleum wax binder and chemical smell have been off-putting. Good news: Alternative fire logs are getting greener.

Duraflame announced its entire line is now all natural and petroleum-free. Switching to a new natural bio-wax made from renewable plant and vegetable materials will eliminate the need for 100 million pounds of petroleum-based fuel annually and cut greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to the exhaust from 62,000 cars per year. The product comes in three sizes, as well as a unique Cracklelog, which gives off the soothing sounds of a real crackling wood fire., (209) 461-6600.

Compressed, all-wood fire logs from goodwood fire logs are made from 100 percent clean, recycled woodchips and sawdust and no petrochemical binders. Because of their density and low moisture content, they burn hotter and cleaner than firewood and produce up to 50 percent fewer emissions. The compressed logs are packed for individual three-hour fires in easy-lighting jute burlap bags., (887) 872-8341.

Patented Java-Log fire logs are made from coffee grounds recycled from instant coffee manufacturers and coffee shops. Who knew coffee grounds emit more heat, eight times less creosote and five times fewer emissions than wood? The grounds (10 million pounds of which are diverted from landfills) are bound together with molasses and a renewable, natural vegetable wax and packaged in 100 percent recycled materials. Available in two sizes, the logs give off a mild, sweet aroma., (800) 387-5275.
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