Outdoor Maintenance

Maintaining the land around your cabin is just as important as home maintenance. Ensure your docks, lakes, gardens and porches are safe, clean and looking beautiful.

Your Seasonal Garden Checklist
Your Seasonal Garden Checklist
We’ve pulled together all the information you need to keep this garden looking good, season after season
Utilizing Your Patio Space
Utilize Your Patio Space For Year-Round Comfort
No matter what size your outdoor space is, you can turn it into a relaxing area to entertain year round. Follow these tips and ...
Protect Your Outdoor Furniture
How to Protect Your Outdoor Furniture
Protecting your outdoor furniture from the elements can be tricky, but follow these tips and your cabin furniture will stand th...
3 Easy-Care Roses
3 Easy-Care Roses for the Cabin
These easy to take care of roses will survive anything you throw at them and are perfect for busy cabin owners.
Sensational Garden Seating
The Best Garden Seating Options for the Cabin
Create a peaceful oasis at your cabin with these trendy garden seating ideas that will make your yard stand out.
How to Prune a Lilac
How to Prune a Lilac
This spring, spruce up your shrubs by properly pruning them. Not sure where to start? Don't worry, we've got you covered.
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How to Keep Leaves From Falling Off Your Houseplants
Learn how to keep the leaves on your houseplants intact—no matter the season.
6 Steps to Building a Flower Bed
Follow these 6 easy to steps to create the best flower bed for your garden.
DIY Deck Planters
DIY Deck Planters
These inexpensive planters are easy to customize and will give your deck a personalized touch.
How to Update a Worn-Out Deck
How to Update a Worn-Out Deck
This deck was in need of an update, but it wasn't anything we couldn't handle on our own. Follow this advice and you can update...
Check Out This Amazing Deck Makeover
Check Out This Amazing Deck Makeover
A bare and boring deck didn’t entice anyone to head outside to relax — but a dramatic makeover turned it into the perfect outdo...
Decorate Your Outdoor Seating Area with Style
Decorate Your Outdoor Seating Area with Style
It doesn't take a lot to enjoy spending time in the garden, but following these decorating tips can make your outdoor seating a...
Create Shade and Privacy at Your Cabin
Create Shade and Privacy at Your Cabin
A little shade and the right decor can transform a plain outdoor space into a sanctuary where you'll want to spend all your day...
3 Tips to Make Big Containers Easier
3 Tips to Make Big Containers Easier
Containers should be fun, not work. Here are three handy tips that’ll make it easier to enjoy your containers without breaking ...
Pros (And Cons!) of Deck + Patio Flooring
Pros (And Cons!) of Deck + Patio Flooring
Of the many choices involved in building a deck or patio, which material to use is one of the most important. This guide will e...
water vs oil base stain_701_2018-06-28_14-51
The Difference Between Water-based and Oil-based Stain
Here’s a quick checklist when deciding which stain to use.
low maintenance home_701_2018-06-28_14-19
Designing For a Low Maintenance Home
Design tips that you want to keep in mind for a low maintenance home.
clear stain_701_2018-06-28_14-08
Pros and Cons of Using a Clear Coat On My Exterior Logs
Learn the pros and cons of using only a clear coat to achieve a natural look over time.
crack prevention_701_2018-06-28_13-49
How to Prevent Cracks From Growing
4 key things to do to slow down the rate of evaporation and rate of cracking.
picture frame effect_701_2018-06-28_13-36
Avoiding UV Exposure and Natural Oxidization
Learn about the 4 options for getting rid of the picture frame effect after being affect by UV exposure and natural oxidization.